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Hi - I'm Char, Welcome to our store.

We specialize in memorable unique collectible occasion gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays at reasonable prices.   Our mission is to offer items that you will not find in your local mall or department stores.  Many are hand made and uniquely individual, and all are guaranteed to be keepsakes providing memories that, if properly given, will last a lifetime.

 Below you will find some of our popular gift selections, but for a more comprehensive list, please visit my eBay Store Main Page.  Get our RSS feed for Char's Gift Emporium eBay Store. feed.  If you don't do eBay - contact us at with a list of the items you wish to purchase from us and we will invoice you directly.  We are in the process of expanding our offerings, so please bookmark us and check back often to see what new we have added.

All orders usually ship within 1 or 2 days.  Shipping is free in the U.S. with no minimum order.  Cost considerations due to increased rates by the Postal Service we have limited foreign shipments on many items, for this we apologize in advance.




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Gold on Silver World Coin Jewelry by Category -


Gold on Silver Coin Jewelry - Definitely a one of a kind gift!  With the artistry and craftsmanship of John and Janice Germain this collection has been brought to a very high level of sought after collectibles.  

Each one of these coins is first layered in pure "Bright Silver". Then the figures of each are highlighted and brought to life with rich pure 24K Gold (this gold work is done by hand). This breathtaking and exclusive work turns these coins into stunning and true works of art. Each coin is hermetically sealed "against wear" in clear, hard acrylic coating. All come boxed and ready for use, display or gift giving.

Scanned images do not do these works of art justice.  These you have to see to appreciate. 

Bolo Ties  Cufflinks Earrings  Golf Accessories Money Clips


Tie Tacks


Statehood Quarter Jewelry


Bolo Ties - Cufflinks - Golf Ball Markers - Key Chains - Hinged Money Clips - Spring Money Clips - Plain Bezel Necklaces - Rope Bezel Necklaces - Tie Tacks

Pick your state:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


JJ Collectibles by Theme


Jonette Jewelry and Collectibles by JJ - We have acquired over 350 finely crafted items from the Jonette Jewelry collection which was discontinued production in 2005.  Whether you are a new or long time collector we are sure you will find something you will like.  As an added bonus, each selection comes individually gift boxed.


Barnyard Animals


Bottles & Figurines


Butterflies & Insects

Celestial & Extraterrestrial

Children & Motherhood



Domestic Cats


Flowers, Trees & Garden

Food & Drink

Forest Animals


Irish & Celtic

Jungle Animals 

Just for Women

Medieval Times

Mythical, Mystical & Fantasy

Occupations & Professions

Picture Frames


Reptile, Sea & Water Creatures

Safari Animals 

Seascape & Vessels

Sports, Recreation & Hobby

Wild Cats

Wild Pack & Herd Animals



Religious Gifts by Theme -


Religious and Spiritual Gifts - One of our major contributors to this category is Holy Land Christian and Jewish Gifts which specializes in products designed to accentuate your faith with items handmade in Israel, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and even Russia.

Angels & Cherubs 

Christian Symbols & Saints

Crosses & Crucifixes

Holy Land Collections 




Madonna, Mary, Mother of Jesus



Animal Collectibles by Species or Group -


Animal Collectibles & Gifts - Animal theme gifts are prized and sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.  We have continually sought out crafts persons and companies that specialize in this endeavor.  Our collectible offerings are unique and expertly detailed and crafted.  Recently we have added and are continuing to add a large selection of animal related products made of cold cast stone resin.  These products have been well received and include a vast array of presentations.  At current count, there are over 20,000 offerings and although we expect to offer a large selection, if you don't find what you are looking for, email us at paulandchar@chars-gift-emporium and we will make every effort to list your request.


Products by Animal Type


Aquatic, Reptiles, Snakes and Sea Creatures

Alligators - Blue Marlin - Crabs - Dolphins - Flamingos - Frogs - Lobsters - Lizards - Manatees - Mermaids - Pelicans - Penguins - Puffins - Seagulls - Sea Otters - Seals - Sharks - Snakes - Turtles - Walruses - Whales



  Blue Jays - Cardinals - Chickens - Cockatoos - Ducks - Eagles - Geese - Macaws - OwlsParrots - Pelicans - Penguins - Puffins - Roosters - Seagulls - Swans - Toucans - Turkeys


Barnyard, Ranch, Woodland & Countryside

Bears - Beaver - Bobcats - Buffalos - Chickens - Chipmunks -  Coyotes - Cows - Deer - Donkeys - Ducks - ElkFox -  Goats - Horses - Mice - Moose - Pigs - Rabbits - Raccoons - Sheep - Skunks - Squirrels - Turkeys


Bugs, Butterflies & Insects


Cats - Domestic

Cornish Rex - Japanese Bobtail - Maine Coon - Manx - Oriental - Persian - Ragdoll - Scottish Fold - Shorthaired Tabby - Siamese



Afghan Hound - Airedale - Akita - Alaskan Malamute - American Eskimo - American Foxhound - Australian Shepherd - Australian Cattle Dog - Basenji - Basset Hound - Beagle - Bearded Collie - Bedlington Terrier - Belgian Tervuren - Bernese Mountain Dog - Bichon Frise - Bloodhound - Border Collie - Border Terrier - Borzoi - Boston Terrier - Bouvier des Flandres - Boxer - Briard - Brittany - Brussels Griffon - Bull Terrier - Bulldog - Bullmastiff - Cairn Terrier - Cavalier King Charles - Chesapeake Bay - Chihuahua - Chinese Crested - Chow - Clumber Spaniel - Cockapoo - Cocker Spaniel - Collie - Coonhound - Dachshund - Dalmatian - Dandie Dinmont - Doberman - English Cocker Spaniel - English Setter - Finnish Spitz - Flat Coated Retriever - Fox Terrier - French Bulldog - German Shepherd - German Shorthaired - Golden Retriever - Gordon Setter - Great Dane - Great Pyrenees - Greyhound - Husky - Irish Setter - Irish Wolfhound - Italian Greyhound - Jack Russell - Japanese Chin - Keeshond - Kerry Blue Terrier - Komondor - Kuvasz - Labradoodle - Labrador Retriever - Landseer - Lhasa Apso - Maltese - Mastiff - Miniature Pincher - Newfoundland - Norfolk Terrier - Norwegian Elkhound - Norwich Terrier - Old English Sheepdog - Papillon - Pekingese - Pit Bull Terrier - Pointer - Pomeranian - Poodle - Portuguese Water Dog - Pug - Puggle - Rat Terrier - Rhodesian Ridgeback - Rottweiler - Saint Bernard - Saluki - Samoyed - Shipperke - Schnauzer - Scottish Terrier - Sealyham Terrier - Shar Pei - Sheltie - Shiba Inu - Shih Tzu - Silky Terrier - Skye Terrier - Springer Spaniel - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Tibetan Spaniel - Vizsla - Weimaranar - Welsh Corgi - West Highland Terrier - Wheaton Terrier - Whippet - Wire Fox Terrier - Wire Haired Dachshund - Yorkshire Terrier


Safari and Jungle Animals

Camels - Cheetahs - Chimpanzees - Cougars - Elephants - Giraffes - Gorillas - Hippopotamus - Jaguars Leopards - Lion - Lioness - Mandrills - Monkeys - Opaki - Orangutans Panthers - Rhinoceros - Tigers - Zebras


Unique and Unusual Creatures

 Armadillos - Badgers - Bighorn Sheep - Dall Sheep - Ferrets - Hedgehogs - Kangaroos - Koalas - Mountain Goat  - Porcupines - Prairie Dogs - Panda Bears - Razorback Hogs



Products by Item Type
3 Dimensional Portraits


Chess Sets


Desk Sets




Desk Pen Holders


Greeting Cards




Wine Bottle Stoppers




Angel Tree Topper


Angelic Pets


Traveling Companions 




Candy Cane


Blue Gift Box


Green Gift Box


Red Gift Box


Sleigh Ride


Gingerbread House



We have many other quality items for sale, check us out at our eBay Store. 

Don't do eBay?  We are in the process of expanding our site to include off eBay ordering, but in the meantime all you have to do is email us a list of the eBay item numbers and we will invoice you through PayPal.  Email to



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